Find answers to common questions we’re frequently asked about our vinyl products.

What brand of vinyl products do you carry?

We are loyal distributors of Homeland Vinyl Products. Homeland is the leading and largest manufacturer of vinyl fencing products sold to the professional market.

How long have you been in the vinyl fence industry?

We have been in the vinyl fence industry for many years. Our most seasoned team member has been selling vinyl fencing since 1988.

Do you keep products in stock and what is your lead time?

Yes, we keep many truckloads of product on the ground here in Southern California. We run delivery trucks almost every day of the week.

Do you sell fabricated (finished) products?

No, we only sell raw profiles, stiffeners, hardware and accessories for use by fabricating dealers.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver on our own trucks regularly throughout several territories in Southern and Central California. Call for more details.

Do you sell colors?

Yes, along with White, we sell Tan, Honey Maple, Chai Gray, and Mocha Walnut colors.

Do you sell accessories?

Yes, we sell a variety of accessories in box quantities, including hinges, latches, caps, and brackets, specifically designed for the vinyl fence industry.

What is the best way to contact you?

Ask for Andy at (805) 796-3530 or andy@vfwca.com.